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Marketing strategist, wellness junkie & Instagram expert

Katie Costa aka The Wellness Marketer is a Nutritional Scientist turned Marketing Professional who helps Wellpreneur’s grow online. Katie is a scientist by training but entrepreneur by nature. She gravitated towards business early on, and after finishing two science degrees, she realized that no one taught her how to market herself or her business.

She learned marketing by the seat of her pants in her first business, a natural personal care product company I launched in university. After a lot of trial and error (and tears, lost $$, and head-banging against the keyboard), she created a formula that healthcare professionals, wellness businesses, and entrepreneurs will*swoon* over. 

As the creator of 0 to 1,000: A Wellpreneur’s Guide to Holistic Marketing, she teaches people how to use the best of branding, email marketing, and Instagram to create a marketing machine that grows your business. The secret? Learning how to streamline + automate so you can spend less time on marketing, and more time doing the stuff you love.

Katie’s style is straight up, tell it as it is, and value packed. She’s a spirited teacher and an enthusiastic leader. Her audience is used to learning the most effective marketing strategies with simplified processes that make anyone feel like a seasoned marketing pro.

Some of her favourite speaking topics include: Instagram for business, holistic marketing, entrepreneurship, and mindset + personal development.

As the creator of 0 to 1000: A Wellness Professional’s Guide to Holistic Marketing she believes that digital doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t need a million followers for your business to succeed. She’s been invited to speak at events with Toronto Boss Babes and The Tech Effect, and is also the host of The Wellness Marketer Podcast

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Katie, founder and CEO of The Wellness Marketer, is a Nutritional Scientist and Marketing Professional who helps holistic practitioners and wellpreneurs grow their business online using holistic marketing strategies. She believes that there’s a science to health, and there’s a science to marketing it. Katie has an M.Sc. in Human Health and Nutritional Science and has been working with health practitioners and wellness businesses for the last 3 years to help them establish businesses, grow on Instagram, and finally gain the confidence and know-how to market themselves online. She is also the host of The Wellness Marketer podcast and creator of 0 to 1K, a 12-week holistic marketing program for wellness professionals. Connect with Katie on Instagram @thewellnessmarketer.

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